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  • Reynolds, Pamela (1984-04-13)
    INTRODUCTION: Let us begin with a van der Merwe joke. Only it is not a joke, the MinisteR of Health, Dr Nak van der Merwe, in introducing the Child Care Bill to Parliament acknowledged the general concept that the family ...
  • Ellis, G.F.R (1984-04-13)
    INTRODUCTION: While the concept of 'poverty' is often taken to refer simply to economic poverty, it has long been realised that when properly understood, 'poverty' has features that transcend this simple concept. For ...
  • Beckerman, Wilfred (1984-04-13)
    INTRODUCTION: There is, of course, no objective "scientifically correct" concept of poverty, so ,one ought not to be too pedantic about precisely which concept should be used in attempting to measure poverty. One knows ...
  • Ntoane, C.N; Mokoetle, K.E (1984-04-13)
    This study was funded by the Ford Foundation as part of a programme for training epidemiologists, and the study was designed to provide information for the Carnegie enquiry into poverty among Black communities in South ...

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