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  • De Lannoy, Ariane; Storme, Evelien; Mudiriza, Gibson; Smith, Charmaine (2018-07)
    More than two decades after South Africa’s transition to democracy, more than half of all young people between the ages of 15 to 24 in the country continue to live in income poverty. While progress has been made in ...
  • Branson, Nicola; Byker, Tanya (2016-04)
    Despite widespread, freely available contraception and progressive reproductive health laws, most teen mothers report their last pregnancy as unintended or unplanned. This begs the question: Why are many sexually active ...
  • Ardington, Cally; Hofmeyr, Clare (Econ3x3, 2014-07)
    It is important to know whether a social grant such as the old age pension eases financial constraints in rural areas, thereby allowing young men to migrate to urban areas for work – or whether these grants encourage ...

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