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  • Bietenbeck, Jan; Ericsson, Sanna; Wamalwa, Fredrick (2018-02)
    We study the effects of preschool attendance on children's school progression and cognitive skills in Kenya and Tanzania. Our analysis uses novel data from large-scale household surveys of children's literacy and numeracy ...
  • Pellicer, Miquel; Wegner, Eva; De Juan, Alexander (2018-02)
    This paper studies a dimension of protest largely overlooked in the literature: protest scope, that is, whether protests seek large, structural, changes for a large share of the population or focus on small-scale improvements ...
  • David, Anda; Guilbert, Nathalie; Hino, Hiroyuki; Leibbrandt, Murray; Potgieter, Elnari; Shifa, Muna (2018-01)
    We examine recent trends in social cohesion and inequality, and the relationship between the two in South Africa using data from the South African Reconciliation Barometer Surveys. Given that the country’s history of ...

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