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  • David, Anda; Guilbert, Nathalie; Hino, Hiroyuki; Leibbrandt, Murray; Potgieter, Elnari; Shifa, Muna (2018-01)
    We examine recent trends in social cohesion and inequality, and the relationship between the two in South Africa using data from the South African Reconciliation Barometer Surveys. Given that the country’s history of ...
  • Meiring, Tiaan; Kannemeyer, Catherine; Potgieter, Elnari (2018-01)
    In this paper we consider social cohesion primarily in terms of its absence – “the nature and extent of social and economic divisions within society” (Easterly et al., 2006: 105). We use data from the Institute for Justice ...
  • David, Anda; Guilbert, Nathalie; Hamaguchi, Nobuaki; Higashi, Yudai; Hino, Hiroyuki; Leibbrandt, Murray; Shifa, Muna (2018-01)
    Using the 2011 South African population census, we provide income and multidimensional poverty and inequality estimates at the municipal level. We go on to estimate a spatial econometric model to identify the correlates ...

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