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  • Bassier, Ihsaan; Budlender, Joshua; Zizzamia, Rocco; Leibbrandt, Murray; Ranchhod, Vimal (2020-06)
    The covid-19 pandemic presents a particular challenge to countries with high levels of labour market informality. Informal workers and their households are especially vulnerable to the negative economic consequences of the ...
  • Kerr, Andrew; McDougall, Bruce (2020-06)
    A burgeoning literature in economics uses firm census data to provide explanations for the very large differences in income per capita across countries. Much of this literature takes for granted that the coverage of firm ...
  • Palacio Ludeña, María Gabriela; Díaz Pabón, Fabio Andrés (2020-04)
    Mobility is a multifaceted concept with social, economic and political implications. Spatial mobility, inequality and precarity intertwine. This article reflects on the role of mobility and precarity and the emergence of ...

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