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  • Abel, Martin; Burger, Rulof; Piraino, Patrizio (2017-07)
    We show that reference letters from former employers alleviate information asymmetries about workers’ skills and improve both match quality and equity in the labor market. A resume audit study finds that using a reference ...
  • Abel, Martin (2017-05)
    Using a unique data set of classified ads in South Africa, I explore whether employers discriminate against immigrants in the hiring process. I develop a quasi-experimental method to estimate discrimination exploiting ...
  • Tondini, Alessandro; Ardington, Cally; Woolard, Ingrid (2017-05)
    We investigate the impact of a reform of the public, non-contributory pension system in South Africa, which lowered the age of retirement from 65 to 60 for men only. Despite no explicit requirement to stop working when ...

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